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  • Aaron Robertson

On The Ill Treatment Of Our President


Commentary From The Pillar Citizen Community

*Image Credits: The Seal of the President of the United States is in the Public Domain.

Yesterday, in spite of the President's admonitions to the contrary, certain rioters vandalized the U.S. Capitol, presumably because they support the President and wish to see him remain in office. Of the enormous number of peaceful protestors who had gathered to insist on free and fair elections, an infinitesimally small percentage of individuals participated in these lawless and reprehensible acts. One of the rioters was shot dead inside the Capitol. Predictably, Big Tech's legacy media, controlled by the Commercial Oligarchy in this country, immediately blamed the President. Of course, this blame was affixed to the President even though he sent a message to his 88,700,000 Twitter followers (almost 27% of the U.S. population) saying, "I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!" In spite of this, the legacy media's official narrative is that the rioting is the President's fault. And, never-mind that after the rioters flouted the President's direction to be peaceful, he immediately conveyed a video message asking everyone to return to their homes, out of an abundance of caution. The President thanked the protestors who had come from every corner of the country to protest what they perceived to be un-Constitutional breaches in last year's elections--and even risked irking some of them by asking them to "go home"--and yet, the actions of the rioters, we're told, are the fault of the President. Of course, this is all hogwash and we must reject it outright. We should never accept lies about anyone, whether those lies are about our President or our Podiatrist.

The fact is, Big Tech has now made our President stand in the corner and has told him he can't talk with his friends until his time-out is over (Facebook has announced the President will be censored for a minimum of two weeks while Twitter is taking a similar stance.) So, what can American patriots do about the censorship of Facebook and Twitter? Well, probably a number of things, but here we'll suggest just one and something that is very simple: Today, open an account on an alternative social media platform--we like and this is where The Patriot League has decided to land (we'll continue to transition from Facebook but this will take some time.) Gab's Founder, Andrew Torba, seems like an individual with a rock-solid commitment to maintain Gab as a sustainable and free-speech platform and we admire the tenacity he's shown through the tremendous adversity his company has faced and overcome. So, we encourage you to open this account and inform your friends of your intentions to work your way over to that new platform entirely at some point in the future. Also, accept the fact that it will take some time for these alternative platforms to be all that you want them to be. Do we think Facebook was as user-friendly at its inception as it is today? I think not. So, let's make the best of the tools available to us, knowing they will only get stronger with more participation and investment.

We must not despair, although we are discouraged by the anti-Pillar and anti-Constitutional momentum we can see gaining steam in our Republic. Members of the Pillar Citizen Community are motivated by a variety of beliefs, however, speaking for myself as a Christian, my hope is in the LORD Jesus Christ and I'll continue to fight for the Pillar principles and this Constitutional Republic as a way to bring glory to Him. I understand that my efforts will have a direct correlation to the suffering or blessing my posterity will experience after my time on this Earth is done. Humanly speaking, none of us currently possess precise clarity as to the exact steps necessary for American patriots to once again prevail. No matter, we must continue fighting. Answers will come. Think of men like General George Washington, who led our military against the world power of the day. He certainly didn't know the exact path that would lead the colonies to victory, yet each day he woke up and fought for what he believed to be good, right and true. Many times, success seemed as unlikely as our present-day governing officials demonstrating character and courage--but nonetheless, he never gave in to despair. He knew truth was on his side and he pleaded with God for mercy and aid. We can take encouragement and inspiration from our Founding Fathers who faced similar but much greater challenges. It is also important to remind one another that people who think like we do are by no means a vanishing commodity. Remember, roughly 75,000,000 Americans voted against the soon-coming Presidential Administration and the policies that will be brought along with it. Friends, it is more important than ever that we league together. If you're not already a part of The Patriot League's Pillar Citizen community, visit and join us today--please also consider following us at

For The Pillars,

Aaron Robertson

Founder and President, The Patriot League

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