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  • Aaron Robertson

Crisis Of Employment Discrimination

Note: This letter is being published on Labor Day in the United States. In the coming weeks, millions of Americans who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine are facing a decision that they should never have to make in this Constitutional Republic: Give up their liberties or lose their livelihoods. We have mailed the letter below to the Governors of 23 Patriot States, because they are vested with the Constitutional authority to call a special legislative session to address this crisis of employment discrimination.

A Request That A Special Legislative Session Be Called In Order To Address The Crisis Of Employment Discrimination Based On A Person’s Vaccination Status

Greetings, Governor, my name is Aaron Robertson and I serve as President of The Patriot League, communicating here in that capacity to request that you address the crisis of employment discrimination that is coming in waves against the religious, civil and medical liberties of citizens. Employers across the state are infringing upon the liberties of citizens by mandating they take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to maintain their employment. Citizens should not have to choose between their liberties and their livelihoods. We urge you to exercise the Constitutional authority vested in you as the Governor of the State and call a special legislative session to address this urgent matter. Legislation signed by Montana Governor Gianforte earlier this year can serve as a model for what is needed, HB-702.

With respect and in hope of your courageous leadership,

Aaron Robertson

Founder and President

The Patriot League

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