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Pillar Citizen

Community Requirements:

A Member of The Patriot League's Pillar Citizen Community believes that Traditional Marriage, Parental Rights, Religious Liberty and the Humanity of the Unborn are four Pillars of moral truth sustaining our Constitutional Republic's ability to survive and thrive and they vote accordingly.

Community Members Receive:

-Pillar Citizen SPOTLIGHT videos featuring interviews with community leaders.


-Pillar Citizen Alerts that provide timely notifications concerning Pillar-related legislation, ballot initiatives, voting resources and events.


-Pillar Citizen Updates that provide useful news & resources.


-Pillar Project Event Invitation held at the State Capitol.  Click here to see a list of governing officials who have attended our events.


-PLUS access to other resources from TPL’s Leadership Team including Pillar-related news, interviews, commentary and art.

***International Supporters Only:  Please specify your country of residence in the "Zip Code" field and your city of residence in the "Address" field.

Are you concerned about the moral direction of society?   Join a community of fellow citizens working to advance our shared Pillar principles.  By joining our voices together, we can effectuate a sustainable change!

Join The Pillar Citizen Community
(information is not shared outside the organization)

~Thank You~

{Upon your successful application, you will receive a Welcome E-mail from}

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