Candidate Pillar Ratings


In years it is published, the Candidate Pillar Ratings voter resource will be posted on this page prior to Election Day.  Subscribers to our communications will automatically be notified when it is available.  A subscription to our communications can be requested below.


The Candidate Pillar Ratings voter resource can be used to pre-qualify a candidate for the office they seek based on the Pillar principles of Traditional Marriage, Parental Rights, Religious Liberty & the Humanity of the Unborn. 

The Patriot League utilizes interviews, voting records & public information to determine ratings for all Colorado legislative candidates.  For each candidate we have specified & hyperlinked (if available) the public record (e.g. a vote on or sponsorship of legislation) that was used to determine the rating (blank fields indicate the candidate's position is uncertain.)


*A candidate's rating doesn't guarantee they are otherwise qualified for the office they seek.